Exposure & Audience

56 Nations and Live Coverage in 27 Languages to appeal to the General Public


Building a global, engaged audience is one of the primary goals of the Star Sailors League. This means focussing on wide broadcast distribution at no cost rather than attempting to generate revenue by selling broadcast rights. All SSL video, photo

and news content will be delivered free of charge.


All sports fans, whether or not they are sailors, can get behind their national team and follow the team’s progress beginning with training in 2019, 2020 and 2021, final team selection in 2022, and the grand finale – the SSL Gold Cup in June 2022. Like with the Olympics or the football World Cup, even casual sports fans will be attracted to the SSL Gold Cup, with their country competing against teams from other nations.


The SSL Global Ranking System, the annual buildup to the season-ending SSL Finals for individual sailors, and, now, the SSL Gold Cup for national teams, all provide a coherent scenario for the competition: easy to understand and follow, with the tension increasing over time to see who will top the ranking, who will win the year-end SSL Finals, and which country will be crowned the top sailing nation at the biennial SSL Gold Cup.


Star Sailors League makes it easy and fun to follow each country’s team:

• information translated into 27 languages

• live-streaming of all team training sessions from our broadcast studio in Switzerland

• high-level production of livestreams for all competitions, totally free to view

• leveraging the social media audiences of every single athlete in a consistent way

• a virtual SSL eGoldCup game coming in 2021

• team merchandise so fans can wear their team’s colors and show their support


Like The Football World Cup

The SSL Gold Cup Will Promote The Sailors With Sticker Collections

Like the football World Cup, the SSL GOLD CUP represents:

• A global competition that makes fans proud of their country.

• A challenge among all the nations and all the best sailors of the world.

• A sporting event that recognizes the best team thanks to the achievements of its athletes.

• A sports reference for youn g people, who discover legends that will become their role models.

• A suspenseful show broadcast free of charge to a worldwide audience.

Like the football World Cup, the SSL GOLD CUP will allow fans to collect their Panini stickers.


Like The Football World Cup

The SSL Gold Cup Will Promote Sailors and Their Names

Like the FIFA football World Cup, the SSL GOLD CUP will allow fans to wear the JERSEY of their national heroes