The SSL47

One Design 47 Foot Boat Supplied at No Charge


The inaugural edition of the SSL GOLD CUP will be raced by a crew of nine, on big, displacement monohulls with an asymmetric spinnaker and a fixed (not canting) keel, and no water ballast. The boats are strict one design. Sailors everywhere will be able to identify with the boats – another factor in building the global audience.


To level the playing field as much as possible, Star Sailors League will own and control the fleet of SSL47 boats. No team will be allowed to acquire their own SSL47. All training will take place at the SSL Training Center in Grandson, Switzerland. Emerging nations will be allowed more training days than established sailing nations.


• Can race in a wide range of windspeeds.

• Big enough to provide impressive TV images.

• Heels even in very light wind – exciting to watch.

• World class small boat sailors will be competitive.

• Strategically demanding; rewards the best sailors.

• Big boat performance and small boat manoeuvrability.

• Physically demanding; difficult to sail well, interesting to watch.

• One design equalizes boatspeed potential and provides tight racing.


Crew Positions

9 Sailors on Board The SSL47

Forty countries from all five continents confirmed their participation in the first three months of the entry period. With six months until the deadline, we expect to reach 40 or more entries for the inaugural SSL GOLD CUP in 2022.


Training Center

State of The Art


The Star Sailors League new headquarters are located on the shores of a lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland. This site which benefits from a comfortable manor house, a harbor and a large private park, is destined to become one of SSL’s main assets and will be

used as described below.


This venue will be particularly important to offer special training sessions to emerging nations and to help them participate in the SSL GOLD CUP. On the other hand, the sailors — who come from various backgrounds and are in many cases dinghy specialists — will benefit from ideal and safe conditions to discover and tame the bigger and fully crewed race boats that will be used in the SSL GOLD CUP.


The training sessions are limited to 5 days per year for top teams. Teams from emerging nations (=< 30 skippers in the ranking on the 01.01.2020) will be able to train for a maximum of 10 days per year.


An extension of the training program in a medium wind venue will be offered to all teams who have demonstrated total control of the boat during the basic program.


SSL’s new headquarters will also house the SSL Media Centre, including an in-house studio, tracking system facilities and press office. In that place, the SSL team aims to develop a media standard to broadcast live SSL events, and also competitions of classes that enjoy the concept.


SSL’s headquarters will also allow SSL to host sponsors.

Over the next three years, the Star Sailors League headquarters and training center in Grandson, on Switzerland’s Lake Neuchatel, will welcome the world’s best inshore sailors. Younger sailors will have the opportunity to meet and train with their heroes.

Gather the heroes. Offer the dream to youth. Form new teams. Expand our sport to new horizons. Engage new fans. The SSL project becomes more concrete with this beautiful asset.